Car Rides

At this very moment, I can’t complain. I’m in the passenger seat, J is driving, and baby girl is sleeping in her carseat.

It usually isn’t like that though. From the day we brought her home from the hospital, she has hated the confinement of the carseat. I’m almost positive that’s what she hates, because she has always hated to be swaddled, or having a jacket on, or tight clothes. These are all optional, but the carseat is not. She pulls and rips at the harness, and turns red with frustration.

Just let her cry, you say? She’ll fall asleep eventually, right? Well, yes and no. I used to nanny for a second family one day a week, they lived a half an hour away. Each week, I left early enough in the morning she slept on the way there. The way home however, was a 30-45 minute (depending on traffic) scream fest, usually she did NOT fall asleep, and almost always got so upset she pooped. A couple times she fell asleep as I was turning into my neighborhood. It didn’t matter if we were driving 3 minutes or -God forbid- a whole hour, if she wasn’t the perfect combination of sleepy and content, she was going to scream.

Things got slightly better when we switched from the infant seat to rear facing convertible seat at 5.5 months. She enjoyed looking out the window, but still cried.

At 11 months, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I strap her in, give her a handful of toys and teethers in her lap (which I can help her play with- “where is the banana?” And she can look down and find it and be proud of herself. She can also say “more,” so I sing to her, and at the end of the song she asks for more instead of crying. I think my record is 25 straight minutes of happy birthday, ABC’s, itsy bitsy spider, and baa baa black sheep. So, it’s not easy, but I can at least go shopping or grab a coffee without being tortured.

I have a lot of friends and family 3.5 hours away who I haven’t been able to go visit. It’s been hard, to say the least.


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