Layla’s 1st Birthday Party

My baby turned one last week… ONE! I have mixed feelings about this, but I have to admit it’s been fun to see her walking around and acting like a big girl. I enjoyed making crafts and getting ready for the party, but I am glad the work is over with too. I’d really like to make birthdays and holidays a big deal, probably because I didn’t have any as a kid!

She had a great day. Started off with a 20 minute nap right before everyone came, so she needed another one at the end of the party. It was nice to get away and hold her and cuddle her, just the two of us. We went swimming, ate cake, opened gifts, and played with friends.

Here are a few (I won’t bombard you with them all…) party pictures courtesy of the one and only Kerri…


Layla was a very careful cake eater, but I think she enjoyed it. It was my first attempt at a cake from scratch.

Here are a couple of my girl that I took a couple days before her birthday, playing peek-a-boo with Grammi.


Love you precious girl!



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